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A not-for-profit online wellness center for coaches, healers, and facilitators who want to help conscious souls reach their fullest potential.


Our Vision

This is a platform of option and choice that empowers individuals to remember they are powerful creators while activating their wholeness and personal truth. Co-creating an inclusive community that fosters an EXPANSION of CONSCIOUSNESS that is accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

Creatorsphere.World offers an expansive way of living and being that naturally cultivates one’s Superconscious Connection and Personal Power. Utilizing transformational techniques that release and recode toxic emotions and limiting beliefs, while co-creating a symbiotic world for all.

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The start of

The online space is a new paradigm for those with programs to share. The Creatorsphere was founded by four individuals who share a passion and interest in bringing their unique skills in different areas of metaphysical practices to the masses. Each of us found the tech-savvy side of things to be tricky, especially when trying to figure it all out on our own and the high set-up costs were hard to justify at times. It’s one thing to create content, it’s a whole next-level thing to get that content into a format that you can then share with ease.
That’s why we created Creatorpshere – so that heart-centred global educators could share resources and co-create together. With our acquired skills and knowledge of all the various aspects of offering online services such as website building, automation, membership platforms, integrations, marketing, and analytics to name a few… we can now help others get started too!

We offer a Personal Development & Wellness Concierge site for coaches, healers and practitioners to be able to promote themselves and their programs in an affordable platform with the support of a virtual assistant as well as other experienced coaches.


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Our Creatorsphere team is here to support, inspire, and guide you through the creative process. We seek to understand the life you desire to create and assist you in developing the right structure, support, and intuitive aligned actions required for success.

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Are you a Heart-Centered Thought Leaders, who is motivated to help conscious souls reach their fullest potential by sharing your passion and unique skills with them? We are always looking for expansion focused coaches and healers to join our coaches collective.

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Creatorsphere is a mission-focused platform for Coaches, Healers, and Heart-Centered Thought Leaders, who are motivated to help conscious souls reach their fullest potential. If this is you, and you are struggling to get started and are looking for a community of supportive co-creators please say yes to learning more.

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