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Jacqui Aitken

As a retired massage therapist, I have spent 25 years helping people to feel better. When a horrible car accident ended my massage career, I felt completely lost and broken. I had always loved my work, and was not sure what I was going to do as a way to help my family to survive. I started studying Functional Medicine and Integrated Health courses with a focus on hormones. I realized though, that the whole program was based on selling supplements and folllowing a particular doctor’s opinion, and it just left so much untreatable and people felt so helpless. I found that no matter what I was helping people with, the common problems were the same. We seem to be in a structure that sometikmes does not support us to move forward to getwhere we want top go. We give our power away to belong and these structures start to hold us back instead of propel forward, keeping us repeating old patterns and getting frustrated and oscillating.

I have studied the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, Joe Despenza, The Dali Lama, Collete Streicher, Robert Green, Bruce Lipton, and Tony Robbins. I have read The Secret, the Four Agreements, ALLLL the books. I have taken courses, spent years in therapy, EFT, NLP, EMDR and much much more. It was alla wesome, but it just left me feeling more broken. Have you ever felt like a failure?

When we have the right support, andtake our power back, we can make the choice to really dial in our GPS to what we really want. What is imperative is to have someone help you to stay accountable to those true choices while you train these unuesed muscles. Once I embraced the Magnetic Mind method, and started actually doing what I just loved, which is teaching and doing energy and breath work, I am truly living a life I love and helping people to do the same thing every single day.

Let me help you find your Happiness and learn how to make shifts in the areas that maybe a struggle.

Feedback & Reviews

“Jacqui Aitken is an incredible coach who has given me hope, guidance and powerful tools to help me make changes in my life that I haven’t been able to do before. I’ve had years of counseling off and on before but working with Jacqui has given me more hope in making changes I want & need than ever before. Thank you Jacqui for all that you do — you are truly an Angel here on earth!🥰

Margie Sokolis

Working with Jacqui Aitken I know I am held. She has such grace and heart for her clients, I know I am safe to be vulnerable and to show up with whatever it is I’m going through. I have cried and laughed, and am able to see my potential with her as my mirror, always being guided to the truth of my heart. I feel so blessed to have had her coaching me this past year, helping me to stay accountable to my goals, and there have been many times that I have borrowed her belief in me until I could find my own again. Anyone that has or is looking to grow from the inside out will benefit from her processes and the ways she lends her wisdom. Her heart is her superpower, and I always come away from her sessions with value to apply to my life. Truly grateful for all she is and does.

Charity Golden

Jacqui Aitken is an absolute delight. She is pure light and radiates zen healing vibes. She holds no judgments and you feel loved, safe and the ability to be vulnerable in her presence. I am so grateful she is in my life.

Chelsea Francis

What Can I Do for You?

I have many tools to be able to help my clients move forward in feeling better and having the enrgy to live life to its fullest potential. I offer a Magnetic Mind Masterclass University, to be able to work on your own with guided weekly classes to help you understand what may be holding you back. I use the Rapid Recode method to be able to actually rewire the brain to make it easier to make it easier to make these changes. When we realize the old stories are holding us back, we can simply let go and easily flow in the direction we have always been trying to go.

Listening intently to what we are uncovering, I take the time to look at, and really hear what may be holding you back physically, mentally and, emotionally.

Addressing small changes that will make huge difference, and helping you stay accountable.

Group classes every week and a live webinar every Friday night.

Helping you discover what it is that mkaes you happy and where you want your life to really go, and using amazing uncovering processes to unpack what is beneath the layers of resistance.

Helping you stay accountable by being a consistent and solid support with live events and daily group content.

One on One support is available on an appointment basis, and two groups of other coaches to learn with.

Aromatherapy and Breathwork specialized instruction and ongoing classes weekly.

Meditations made just for you to help you stay consistent and grounded.

BioEnergy work and Chakra balancing to b able to release resistance and old patterns on every level.

Need Advice?

Empower yourself to create a new way of being, that makes way for the new you, take the next step, now is your time. Book in a discovery call today.