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My Story

Verena White

I am a Kinesiologist and Transformational Coach. My intention is to help my clients create a life of health, fulfillment, inner peace, and abundance in all areas.

Through my 10 plus years’ experience in the healing arts, and my passion for the Mind, Body,  Soul Connection, I understand that we are more than just our physical body. Through the use of powerful techniques that combine eastern wisdom and modern science, I am able to support and guide my clients on their transformational journey to become the conscious creator they want to be.

By using these tools and techniques on my own journey, I was able to overcome my own limiting programs that had kept me stuck and unfulfilled for years.

I believe we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. We have a Divine Spark within us that connects us to Source of consciousness.

You did not come here to play small, you came here to connect to your true nature and purpose and I came here to help you do that.

Feedback & Reviews

“I am so grateful to Verena for helping me see where I was going. In just a shirt time, I created massive success in my life. Verena does amazing work discovering your passion.

I couldn’t have done it without her. She was the flashlight I needed to see in the dark. Imagine yourself in the dark trying to get some place, it will be impossible unless you can see where you are going.

You must see it to be it..”

Matthew Mata

Oregon USA

“As a seeker of knowledge and truth, I have seen a great number of healers and been exposed to many different modalities. I was impressed with Verena’s intuition, confidence, and results which had me go back for more but she blew me away when she intorduced Magnetic Mind Method/rapid Re-code to her sessions. Verena is very focused and is always feel like she is in tine with me and helps guide me to overcome my emotional struggles and achieve my heart’s desire.”

Nedege Godfrey

Brisbane, Australia

“Verena came into my life at the perfect time. She is talented, kind, gifted and most of all – EFFECTIVE.

She knows how to properly frame your mindset and get you into the correct way of thinking. She is non-judgmental and intuitive and understands what you need at the perfect time. I am grateful to have found her and now having the understanding of building a life from structure. I highly recommend anyoone to work with Verena. It has been wonderful.”

Anuj Shah

Brooklyn, USA

What Can I Do for You?

Help you become the Powerful Creator that you were born to be, my mission is to help as many people transcend the old paradigm of struggle, survival, and scarcity into a new 5D structure of abundance, grace, ease, wisdom, and flow.

If you have been feeling like you are at a crossroads and you lack direction and clarity about your next step, you feel like there is something missing and ready to take the next step of your evolution and learn the skills to connect to your inner wisdom, create the life you desire and realize your full potential.

      What to expect:

  • We explore your truth and gain a deep clarity for you to create and inspire action plan.
  • By transforming your emotional charge into wisdom.
  • Helping you release the resistance that’s been holding you back from achieving the results you crave.
  • Provide tools and guidance to implement a structure that empowers you to create real long-lasting change and keep it!
  • Help you identify and release self-sabotage programs & identities.
  • Peel back layers of old ancestral and outdated programming to re-code your original blueprint.

Need Advice?

Empower yourself to create a new way of being, that makes way for the new you, take the next step, now is your time. Book in a discovery call today.