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Michele Hargreaves (CHC, RM, ECE)

I am Michele, an Educator, a Healer, a Mother, a Conscious Creator, and a Lover of life with a Rebel Heart. I am an Energy Transformation Guide, combining 20 years of study and experience in energy healing, human development and structural design to create  the energy transformation sessions I offer. 


I believe that We all deserve to live a life full of Creative Vitality: a state of being the predominant creative force in your life, a feeling of being alive, healthy, and capable. I find that many people are stuck in repeat patterns physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, lacking the energy or motivation to accomplish more than just the basics in life. Continuing with actions and priorities that do not serve their highest good. Jumpstart your vitality by shifting your mindset and energies to a higher frequency.

Learning how to connect and explore our own inner power and personal truths allows us to witness life’s energetic connections. I work with my clients, guiding and empowering them to change their perception of the thoughts and beliefs they have behind the actions they take, promoting a positive increase to their own Life-Force Vitality. Creating energy transformation that makes life feel like magic.

Over the last 20 years I have worked on releasing toxic emotions and limiting beliefs, shifting outdated programming and perspectives to new frequencies that served my highest self. Now living a life I love fully everyday. Feeling more and more like my authentic self. This is where I continue to show up each day. Inspiring, empowering and guiding those seeking to do the same. Those who are open and ready to live life of their truest choice and fullest potential. Those who are serious about stepping out of their repeat patterns and are looking to become the predominant creative force living a life they love. A life that fuels them for more.

Feedback & Reviews

“I was in a funky place, feeling depleted and heavy. I had a session with Michele and I’m so grateful I did! She helped me shift into a place of peace, hope and inspiration. I feel lighter and brighter and more at peace. She taught me some great tools to help with thought patterns that aren’t serving me and they’re helping big time! So much gratitude for this beautiful soul! She is a truly gifted, magical soul!”

Des S

Smokey Feathers Studios

“I’ve done multiple Reiki sessions with the lovely Michele and not only Is it calm and relaxing but it dives right into all the things in my life I’d like to work on . We have also done many card readings which are hit home every time. She truly is a master at what she does and I highly recommend booking a session with her.”


Happy Client

“I am very grateful and excited to be able to have Michele as my coach. Each session my mind is blown with the new things I learn about the actions and the beliefs I hold. I love being able tot get rid of those old mindsets that seem to creep back in so easily. I think the best part of having her as my coach is that she holds me accountable to follow through on the things I say I’m going to… creating so much more in my life then I ever thought possible”


Construction Worker

What Can I Do for You?

We are all made of energy. Every living cell in our body vibrates with it. This Life-Force energy is what makes us alive and vibrant. I am so excited to share the power of natural healing and stress relief techniques that will encourage more vitality in your life!

If you are ready to start taking intuitive action towards energy transformation, book with me today.


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