Whilst education content is everywhere, true support and mentoring to the
next level of Life Mastery is rare.

We are committed to this promise.

Real freedom & fulfilment are a reality for those who are able to let go of the past
and set your mind to what you are creating.

Let us show you how to tap into your innate wisdom & power and connect to the superconscious
part of yourself and release everything and anything that is holding you back.

In this space, we teach you how to create a new identity in alignment with what you truly want in life,
and create a structure that enables true transformation that lasts.

Those willing to step into a creative structure with inspired action.

…will Prosper and Grow

Welcome #Creatorsphere, to the home of your Superconscious and a Life You Love.


The next step to unveil your fullest potential.

A Program that will give you the tools and techniques to true self mastery.

Each month you get drawn closer to your end result and you release resistance, create and let go of all that has kept you playing small.

We are committed to your expansion & evolution
to become Conscious Creators.


Join the space custom created to support you in becoming your higher self & living your best life today!

This is the next evolution on the journey to becoming a powerful creator of a life you truly love.

Let us show you how to tap into the power of neuroplasticity, epigenetics and hermetic principles to connect to the superconscious; a higher part of yourself that is able to release and ReCode everything and anything that is holding you back. Create a new identity that is in alignment with what you truly want without having to dig up the past. Manifesting a life you love fast and with ease and the ability to keep it.

Vision Quest

Learn How to Create A Life You Love And Embrace Your Divine Power. Desire to Destiny, Become A Conscious Creator..

This Masterclass will help you understand the steps you can take to take to Reconnect & Re-learn, what you have always had, but just didn’t know how to access the road map to freedom, which is the journey of your Desire to Destiny.

Magnetic Life Map

Make yourself a priority and become that 2.0 version of yourself that you have always imagined. Many people put more thought into their weekly grocery list than they do towards their life. Interesting and true… Take a moment to smile and celebrate! You are ready to start taking aligned action towards your BIG Life Vision full of Creative Vitality.

As you explore and develop your Magnetic Life Map you will learn more about how to create your intuitive vision into a current reality. You will cultivate a deep connection and understanding of your personal power. Creating the right structure, support, and actions to bring your BIG Life Vision to life. With weekly live coaching sessions to help keep you accountable to the structure that creates them.

Magnetic Mind

How To Become A Powerful Creator By Harnessing The Power Of Your Superconscious.

Decide to get clear on what you really want, identify what gets in the way, get into the feeling of your end result and take aligned action to create it.

Get Access to our exclusive Magnetic Mind University

Power of 3 Inner Circle
ReCode Sessions

In this program we teach you how to create a new identity in alignment with what you truly want in life, fast and without having to dig up the past.
This is a Private Coaching Group on the Facebook platform, you also get access to live zoom calls and recordings. In this group coaching container, you will have access to 3 heart-centered Coaches and access to 2+ Live Superconscious Recodes a week and an Accountability session, as well as Monthly live virtual training.

Inside Creatorsphere, you will get to
unpack, release resistance to all that keeps you stuck, ReCode and Create & Transform

You will learn how to implement the 5 principles of the
Creative Conscious Code that will transform your life by Cultivating a deep understanding of your own Personal Power.

1. Create Core Choices
2. Explore Structural Tension
3. Activate Emotional Alignment
4. Release & Recode
5. Take Intuitive Action

The teachings, offerings, and opportunities within Creatorsphere are purposefully chosen to work within our proven structure to ensure that you move beyond just learning new things, you embody them.

We are committed to lasting TRANSFORMATION….

We don’t want you to simply get to your end result.
We want you to